Best deals on second hand iPhones in October 2023

looking for the best deals on second-hand iPhones in India in October 2023 but don't have the required budget? Are you scratching your pocket trying to figure out how to buy an iPhone? Well, you have come to the right place. In this post, I will show you top offering sites with great deals on certified quality iPhones that won't burden your pocket.

Best deals on second hand iPhones in October 2023

Have you ever considered buying a used iPhone? It may seem counterintuitive to invest in a pre-owned device when there are shiny new models available. However, purchasing a used iPhone can be a smart choice for various reasons. By considering the advantages of purchasing a pre-owned device, you may find that it aligns perfectly with your needs and budget. So, why not explore the used iPhone market and discover the perfect smartphone that suits your requirements? 

Here's a list of top 10 websites offering best deals on second hand iPhone in October 2023 in India:

Rank iPhone Model Price BEST DEALS ON CASHIFY
1 iPhone 13 Pro ₹53,999
2 iPhone 13 Pro Max ₹59,999
3 iPhone 13 ₹49,999
4 iPhone 12 Pro ₹44,999
5 iPhone 12 Pro Max ₹49,999
6 iPhone 12 ₹39,999
7 iPhone 11 Pro ₹35,999
8 iPhone 11 Pro Max ₹41,999
9 iPhone 11 ₹31,999
10 iPhone XR ₹27,999

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Below are 3 must check safety tips when buying a used iPhone:

  1. Physically inspect the external and internals of iPhone on delivery.

    Ensure there's no external damage. Don't buy if the iPhone has heavy signs of external damage.
    Next, verify if the internal parts are all OEM or duplicate (non genuine) parts. You can download the FREE 3utools software here on your mobile or desktop and run a check for any signs of misuse or duplication. Return the iPhone if it fails in any category.

  2. Check the seller profile and ask for a valid ID.

    Don't buy if the seller profile doesn't check out against their ID. Avoid.

  3. Don't buy iPhone without a bill or a box.

    I have seen many buyers fall pray to non genuine iPhone. So my recommendation is to only buy an iPhone that comes with a bill and a box. If the iPhone is out of warranty, it's okay.