Banner Advertise

Want to display your ad on the main banner page of Faydaindia website and mobile app? 

You can start an ad campaign on Faydaindia platform in a matter of minutes. That too for just Rs. 5 a day and in 1 click.

Simply have your banner graphics ready in the specified size – for our website, use a large dimension 1920 x 400px image and for promoting on mobile app, use a medium dimension 1024 x 500px image.

Here's the steps to add your ad. Click the “Banner Advertise” button and simply follow the prompt.
Step 1. Login or sign up
Step 2. Make sure you are on “Banner Advertise” page. Click the “Banner Advertise” button and upload your images.  
Step 3. Select the number of days from the calendar you want to run your promotion.
Step 4. Make payment.
Step 5. Wait for admin approval notification. After you submit your ad, we will verify its content for appropriateness, and once approved, your ad will go live immediately on our platform.

That’s it, you’re all set. Start a cost-effective banner ad today and generate brand awareness across India!


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